Sizzling summer strands

We don’t know about you, but in this weather it’s hard to get motivated to put clothes on, nevermind style your hair. And what’s the point, anyway? In the battle of cute hair vs. humidity, your strands don’t stand a chance.

We can’t beat the heat for you, but we can give you tips on how to trick your hair into submission. Here’s a few insider tricks to smooth, polished hair even during a heatwave. Best yet— you don’t even have to leave the beach!

1. Lace Braidsbraids are a great way to keep hair in check and still look cute. Stray pieces that don’t want to behave? Humidity causing formerly sleek strands to frizz? Braid ’em back!

celebbraids4.pngThe best part of this style is that it’s nearly effortless – braiding requires no drying, straightening, or styling to work, and actually looks best on messier or second day hair. Too hot to shampoo and style? Just throw a lace braid or two in front, a few braids in back if you feel like it, and pull any length into a messy bun or chignon. Cute and keeps you cool!

2. Dry Shampoo– One of our favorite tricks is to carry around a small can of spray dry shampoo to tackle grease and frizz. Spray into roots, finger comb through, and leave down or pull back.
dss.jpg (Spray shampoo also gives a great second day texture, making ponytails and buns seem fuller.) It also works great to counteract suntan oil that may have seeped into hair from a day at the beach. If you don’t have time to shower after hitting the sand, this is a great way to look fresh!

3. Salt Water – if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em as they say! next time you go to the beach, fill a spray bottle with ocean water to bring back home with you (or create your own DIY salt spray at home.) 

surin-beach.jpgNext time you shower, spray towel dried or even dry hair with salt water for a tousled, just-been-at-the-shore texture. We’ve been known to use it during the colder months to achieve a perfectly windblown look. 

4. Slicked Back Pony– Another take on the greasy hair and dry shampoo? Let the oil be your styling aid.

00140m.jpgPull back oil slicked hair into a sleek pony (add more tanning oil if need be!) and secure tightly. Leave the pony sleek, or use the dry shampoo to give texture and fullness to the tail.

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