Skinn Professional No Damage Lash Curler

AT-BPC-2.jpgWe all love to have that bright, wide-eye look, and curling the lashes can really help achieve this. Lashes that have been curled open up the eyes, even out stubborn lashes, and short, puny lashes take on thickness and appear longer. While lash curlers can give us the ultimate, glammed-up look, they can sometime cause breakage or create a dent that looks unnatural.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered the Skinn Professional No Damage Lash Curler that bends lashes for an all day lash lift without kinking them or causing damage. Plus, the soft silicone strip is laced with protein, so it helps reinforce lashes at the stress point for less breakage! The spring-loaded style gives us better control while curling, and the silicone pad ensures just the right amount of pressure, with no pinching or crimping. We think we’re in lash curling heaven…

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