Satisfaction is literally guaranteed with Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair Collection

After overdosing on Pantene Pro-V as a teenager, most of my adult life has been spent searching for a shampoo and conditioner that would give me the bouncy waves and voluminous lift that my hair always seemed to lack. Fairy tales of shampoo changing the structure of my hair have faded but my search for great hair products has not. When I was recently reintroduced to Pantene, I was surprised to find that my old stand-by was chicer, more adult-looking and included an Expert Collection. With sleek black packaging and the promise of repairing damage through replacing the keratin that damaged hair is often lacking, I decided to give Pantene’s Expert Collection Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner a chance. 

According to Pantene scientists, our hair is made up of up to 80% of the protein keratin. The Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair line helps replace the keratin that is lost due to brushing hair, coloring, and using heat style products. What does all of that translate to in reality? My hair was smooth, but not weighed down. With the help of a wide barrel curling iron I was able to achieve those bouncy waves I’ve been dreaming about. For $8.99 for the shampoo or conditioner and a Pantene Smart Beauty Satisfaction Guarantee the Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair, there’s really no excuse for not trying the grown-up version of Pantene’s Expert Collection. 

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