Smashbox Anti-Shine

As beauty girls, it’s easy to get caught up in the new, and accidentally lose sight of old faves.

The upside to this is stumbling across these forgotten loves while rifling through our overpacked makeup cases and beauty drawers— it’s like discovering them for the first time all over again.

Smashbox’s Anti-Shine debuted in 2000, and is a long lasting, gel to powder mattifier meant to reduce shine and keep oil at bay all day, even under the hot studio lights it was created to withstand.
05861596802.jpgWhile the product is meant to be used both under foundation and as a touch up throughout the day, we find the best trick is to apply makeup normally, squeeze a small amount onto fingertips, and gently pat onto problem areas OVER makeup. Those of us without oily skin still love this product for the matte, flawless finish. A total winner in our book.

Now that we’ve rediscovered it, we promise to never let it go again…if we can help it.

$27, Sephora.

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