Soft, smooth lips with Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

stylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarrose.jpgstylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarplum.jpgstylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarliptreatment.jpgI have the worst chapped lips, and I’m not sure why. I’m always, always, always and forever putting on lip balm so I’m not sure why this happens. Winter, spring, summer, fall—there’s no respite. Chapped lips always and forever. One of the few things that helps me is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. One swipe and it’s like magic; my lips are smooth, soft, moisturized and conditioned. So I was really excited to see that there’s also Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment, which delivers all the moisturizing benefits, but reminds me of Clinique Black Honey (hi, old friend!). There’s also Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, which has a pretty rose tint! Find your favorite now at Sephora—available for $22.50 each.

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