Soften up: Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion

Suave-Aloe-With-Cucumber-Body-Lotion.jpgWe’re always looking for a body lotion that gets rid of dryness and dehydration instantly. Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion definitely fits the bill!

This lotion is formulated with the aforementioned aloe and cucumber to moisturize and soothe even the driest skin. We’ve been using it on our legs, our hands, even our nose after a cold turned our nose red and raw–and, no matter where we apply it, we’re left with super smooth skin! It smells fresh and clean, which we love. Plus, it doesn’t feel greasy upon application, so you can use it as a hand cream and not worry about being able to type or text right afterward.

In short? This is one body lotion you won’t want to miss out on trying.

Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion retails for $4.79 at

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