Save your skin this winter with Somme Institute A-bomb


I can’t go on enough about the importance of moisturizing always, especially during the winter months. This year has been even worse on skin because it snows one day and the next it is 45 degrees outside. This back and forth weather isn’t good for our immune systems or for our complexion. I’m usually the type of person who finds a product and sticks with it for a long period of time, but I’ve found recently that my skin isn’t responding as well as it was to my moisturizer, so I went out in search of a new one and discovered the Somme Institute A-bomb ($70). This is just one part of the company’s 5-step plan that uses a patented formula to help clear up skin, fight fine lines and wrinkles, as well as help correct skin damage. Honestly, I tried the whole set and really only felt a difference after using the A-Bomb moisturizer. Not only does it truly help do all of the above, but it also leaves you with the most unbelievable natural glow!

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