Spring Beauty Looks For Cheryl, The Time-Pressed Full-Time Mom


Are you a yoga-lover, the life of the party or the full time Mom constantly chasing after your kids? Find out which of the fun, fearless females from awomansworld.com that you are most like with their online personality quiz. Once you find out whether you’re an Anna, Cheryl, Maya or Nikki, find out how to achieve the best spring beauty look for you!

CHERYL is a full-time mom married to a workaholic. Putting everyone else’s happiness first, her days consist of chasing after the kids and dragging herself to the gym once n a while. Cheryl needs a no-fuss 5-minute beauty look that works for everything from shopping to soccer games. On those rare occasions where she has a few minutes for herself, a few pampering products to help relax and renew are in order.

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