Star style: Amber Rose really loves head scarves!

Amber-Rose-Head-Scarves.jpgWhen the going gets hot, the stylish reach for head scarves. Amber Rose reached for two different ones in the same day, in fact! She hosted two different events on July 12, and showed up with a different head scarf to each one.

During the day, Amber chose an off-white head scarf that perfectly matched her sundress. We love how the pale color offsets her dark pink lipstick. At night, Amber opted for a different pale dress and pale glossy lips, but went for a black scarf to make it pop. (And she wore the same earrings to both events, which may be considered a celebrity fashion faux pas, but they’re amazing, so we’ll let it slide.)

We’re loving the way Amber tied her scarves into different turban shapes, too.

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