Star Style: Blue Nails



Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson, Eve Mendes and Michelle Tractenberg all have something in common– they love to rock blue nails. Wearing everything from deep navy to aquamarine, these ladies prove that you can go bold without going over-the-top. Another lesson to be learned? If you want to experiment with a more daring look, the best place to start is on your nails. Check out a few of our favorite blue hues.


1. Chanel Blue Satin is bold, yet classic and elegant– did you expect it to be anything but? $23,

2. Sparitual Surreal, a sapphire blue creme, is 100% vegan and 100% fabulous. $10, 

3. Zoya Akyra is a frosty blue metallic that keeps us cool and calm even while we practice our most challenging yoga poses. $7,

4. OPI for Sephora Ocean Love Potion, a mediterranean turquoise, looks cool with everything we wear. $9,

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