Star Style: Ciara's two-tone locks, in or out?

I simply cannot decide if I’m in favor of, or opposed to Ciara’s two-tone hair. On the one hand, she looks like she has forgotten to keep up with her haircolor. But on the other, I like the edgy and fun nature of the style. One thing is for sure, not everyone can pull of this look! Celebs definitely have the upper hand, who would really believe that Ciara stepped out on the red carpet with this look without intending it? To pull this off you have to pay close attention to upkeep — I know ironic given it’s “growing-out-haircolor” look — but you can’t let roots lose their deep, dark sheen and the ends have to be a stark contrast in color. What do you think, does Ciara have a hit hairstyle on her hands? Or will this one be forgotten before Easter?

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