Star style: copy Kelly Osbourne's purple people eater look


While I personally don’t have the gumption to rock the purple hair AND the purple pucker, I have to give credit to Ms. Osbourne. At a recent E! Television event, Kelly Osbourne was clearly infatuated with the color purple. Wearing purple lipstick requires two things, one is the right shade of purple and the other is the self-esteem to pull it off. Also keep in mind that purple is even more eye-catching than red because of its non-traditional style.

To copy Kelly’s lavender lips, I would recommend trying MAC Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Lavender. If that shade doesn’t do it for you, MAC has plenty more purplish shades to choose from.
You can get MAC Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipstick for $14.50 at

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