Star Style: Copy Leslie Mann's peppy poof hairstyle


There is something I really like about Leslie Mann, maybe it’s because she seems so normal and down-to-earth. Last week what I really liked was her hair. I couldn’t get a clear shot of the back of it to share, but from the front it looks like a folded under poof secured with a thick black ribbon tied into a bow at the base. A hairstyle like this looks so glam and pretty and yet is so simple to pull off. 

You’ll want to start with your hair in a ponytail and then tease at the top (closest to the ponytail holder). Next you’ll want to flip the ends under right at the base of the ponytail so that hair makes a loop in the back and secure them with another tie (or loop the same one around more time). Use hairspray, if desired to finish the look and add a little stiffness if hair seems to be falling flat or looks too soft. Don’t forget the finishing touch of the black bow — tie it once or twice around the poof you created. Make sure you don’t tie the bow too tightly or it will cinch the hair, you want it loose, use bobby pins if you’re worried about it falling out.

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