Star Style: Create Red-Carpet Worthy Looks with Divado

beyonce2.jpg kate-beckinsale.jpg

Full-volume looks are always great when it comes to making a statement. Celebs like Beyonce* and Kate Becksale* love to rock the “bump” style for everything from red carpet events to everyday outings. With this pumped-up style comes a tough reality that can damage hair: teasing.


Divado hair accessories are an alternative way to give your hair the lift for creating the look you want without the putting your hair through any added stress.




Available in two styles, the Bridgette and the Audrey, Divado stays in place until you take it out and compfortable to wear. We find this item to be a bit funny looking, and were skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. We can create styles like our favorite celebs and know our tresses will love this better than being teased. from $25,

*no celebrity endorsement implied

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