Star Style: Jordin Sparks' Eye Look


American Idol winner and Mark Cosmetics rep (yes, she held parties and sold products!), Jordin Sparks, recently filmed the video for her latest single “SOS” (Let the Music Play). She is as gorgeous as ever, and her eyes definitely are the focus of this look.


custom pick eyeshadow.gifTo create it, Jordin’s makeup artist, Myla, wanted the look to exude a “warm, nude effect”. Myla used I-Mark Custom Pick Eye Shadow ($4.50, in Magic from the lash, upward.


She then applied the the Custom Pick Eye Shadow in Nomadic on the inner corner of the eyes, with Tough Luxe Custom Pick Eye Shadow on the creases.


Eyemarker Color On Line.jpg


To finish it off, Eyemarker Color On Line ($5.50, in Jet was applied on the top and bottom lash lines and blended well to avoid harsh lines. The look was finished by applying mark Scandalash Hook Up Mascara in Blacklash.

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