Star Style: Zoe Saldana's Secret To Shine-Free Skin

zoesaldana1.jpgStar Trek beauty Zoe Saldana always looks so fresh-faced and glowing without a hint of oily shine, we had to find out how she does it. Turns out, she picked up her favorite beauty tip on the set of one of her first movies, Crossroads (also starring Britney Spears): “Makeup artist, Kimberly Green, taught me that sometimes, instead of putting on more makeup, you can use blotting papers to take away shine.”

We couldn’t agree more. Adding makeup throughout the day not only can create a fake, cakey-looking complexion, but it can lead to clogged pores and unsightly blemishes. Try any of the following 3 brand’s blotting papers, and continue to look shine-free sans added makeup.



MAC Blot Film is made from a patented material that absorbs oil without disturbing makeup. We love that each is an extra large size, so one is enough for our whole face. 30 films. $12,





The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Botting Tissues remove excess oil and contain skin clarifying tea tree oil to aid in keeping skin blemish-free. 65 tissues. $10,





Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets are inexpensive, absorb oil, and leave your makeup looking fresh. 50 sheets. $5.29,

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