Starlet hair resolutions: color swap


This past week, one of our favorite California blondes, Lauren Conrad, showed up to the CoverGirl 50th Anniversary party as a brilliant brunette. Her honey-kissed, chocolatey strands appear to be a welcome change for the reality-star-turned-author, and we have to say that we love the change. Her green eyes pop and her skin glows. Bravo Ms. Conrad, consider us fans. 
Also taking on a new hair hue was exotic beauty Khloe Kardashian. Debuting her bright, copper ‘do at the recent People’s Choice Awards, Mrs. Odom stood out from her raven haired sisters. It’s still growing on us, but it’s definitely not a thumbs down. 
But one color swap we wish could be flopped is Emma Stone’s dark-red-to-blonde transformation. Though the platinum hue is closer to her natural hair color, we absolutely loved the darker coif on the Easy A starlet. 
**What do you think? Do you think these celeb hair color swaps fly high, or fall flat?**

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