Stars who change their hair with every red carpet: Evan Rachel Wood

evanrachelpixie_smh.jpgI’ve had the same hairstyle pretty much my entire life: wavy long brown hair. So imagine my jealously when Evan Rachel Wood debuted her adorable (and chic!) new pixie cut at a press event for True Blood this week.

I had a brief encounter days earlier with a J.Crew employee with dark hair like mine who chopped it all off for the summer in a feminine boy cut like Evans… so yeah, pretty jealous.

I’m sure one of these years I’ll chop it all off, but in the meantime do you think it’s cool to change your do so frequently? Besides Evan, we can think of a few other celebs who do the same (Ashlee Simpson, Rachel McAdams). Actors change their look for roles all the time so it’s probably fun to experiment with so many different colors and cuts. But if we’re being honest, Evan has never looked better and should keep her hair like that for the next ten years.

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