Stila Açaí Crush Lip & Cheek Stain

Stila-Acai-Crush.jpgWe know we’ve been covering a lot of lip stains lately (like here and here), but they are just so…efficient. Their color lasts so much longer than any lip gloss or lipstick, and you can customize the depth of your hue by using single, or multiple applications. 

Stila’s Açaí Crush Lip & Cheeks Stain is the newest addition to their fruit-inspired stains (even though it doesn’t smell or taste fruity.) The color is fantastically rich and vibrant, and we didn’t experience sandpaper lips like wit some other more drying lip stains. 
This lip color is not only inspired from a super fruit, but Stila claims it’s “super smart”, too. The formula is specifically formulated to create a unique color depending on your skin’s pH levels. Though the color was severely clown-like on our cheeks (maybe we used too much of the product), our lips were a perfect (and we mean purrrrrfect) shade of ruby red! It was the most perfect (yes, we said it again) shade of candy apple red we’ve ever found for our skin color and lips. 
The color comes quickly when you click, click, click, so beware. Plus, a tiny bit goes a very long way, since the formula is deeply pigmented. The brush works great for precise application, which is ideal for a gel formula like this one. 
Our beautiful ruby lip shade lasted all night, without fading even just a bit. The only bad part about having such a long-lasting formula, is that sometimes…it lasts too long! We had to scrub our lips in the morning to get off excess color, but we thought it was well worth the pretty pout from the night before! We foresee ourselves wearing the Stila Açaí Crush Lip & Cheeks Stain for every holiday party we have in the coming weeks, and you will, too, once you add it to your makeup bag. $24,

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