Strip down: Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go

Deborah-Lippmann-Stripper-To-Go-Pads.jpgWant to remove your nail polish in an instant–no matter where you are or what you’re doing? Want to stop carrying around bottles of nail polish remover, especially if you want to take off your nail polish while you’re traveling? Enter Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go.

Each pad is formulated with just the right amount of nail polish remover to strip all 10 nails. Sound impossible? Well, we thought so, until we tried one and discovered that it’s really true! They even remove stubborn glitter and dark colors like it’s no big deal at all. Simply slip your finger into the mitt and let it do its work instantaneously!

Plus, they’re lavender scented–so none of that horrible polish remover smell is left behind.

Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go is $12 for a package of 6 at

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