Such a cool new set: Benefit Snow White & The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

Benefit-Snow-White-And-The-Huntsman-Rare-Beauty-Kit.jpgWhile I’m not necessarily sold on the new Snow White & The Huntsman movie (no amount of staring at Chris Hemsworth makes me want to watch Kristen Stewart), I’m definitely in love with one beauty item that was inspired by the movie. Namely, the Benefit Snow White & The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit.

Benefit always comes up with creative, totally ingenious, super cute ideas, and this set is no different. Each of the four products within the pretty metallic silver and purple makeup case is designed to make you look into your magic mirror to reveal your inner Snow White (read: skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as night). You’ll find the following within the case:

BADGal Lash Mascara
The POREfessional
High Beam

In other words? Four of Benefit’s bestsellers that are guaranteed to bring out your inner Snow White … and maybe even land a Huntsman of your own! I’m personally loving the miniature Benetint, which not only comes in the cutest mini size, but leaves the most gorgeous flush upon lips and cheeks.

Benefit Snow White & The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit retails for $45 at

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