Sudzz FX Nyrvana Purify Detox Deep Cleansing Treatment

Sudzz FX Nyrvana Purify Detox Deep Cleansing Treatment

]]> Mickey says: “A purifying and detoxifying color friendly shampoo that isn’t harsh and is free of sulfates. We decided to use it twice on a freshly died red head with slightly dry hair and scalp (Sudzz FX is known for battling dry scalp). The color wasn’t compromised and there were no signs of irritation or added dryness.”

The ultimate heavenly purifying and detoxifying cleansing treatment minus harsh, drying sulfates. Effectively removes atmospheric debris and styling product build-up from the internal and external structure of the hair shaft without drying-out (straw like feel) the hair. Nyrvana Deep Cleansing Treatment is formulated to also help remove chemicals used in pools, spas and hard water minerals within the hair structure. Beautifully revitalizes and protects. Restores hair’s moisture balance so necessary for well behaved hair that holds today’s most-wanted styles. A friendly choice for colour-treated hair, too.

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