Sweet as candy: Sephora Collection Lollipop Lip Gloss

Sephora-Lollipop-Lip-Gloss.jpgOnce in awhile, it’s okay to buy products just for the packaging. Especially when they’re as adorable as the Sephora Collection Lollipop Lip Gloss.

This lip gloss looks just like a lollipop–and the color is just as sweet! Inside the round black ball is a gorgeous pale pink gloss liberally loaded with sparkle. It creates a gorgeous, almost clear finish, so it’s perfect for layering over other glosses and lipsticks.

Plus, it isn’t sticky or tacky at all. It feels just like a lip balm! Oh, and the cherry on top? It smells and tastes just like a lollipop!

The Sephora Collection Lollipop Lip Gloss retails for $6 at sephora.com.

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