Take care of yourself on the go (sponsored)

As a business owner, wife and mother of young children, my life typically occurs on the run. Like many women, this means figuring out how to squeeze in moments for myself in between working and taking care of the kids, family and home. In order to help fight daily stresses and making sure that my needs aren’t forgotten along the way, I’ve become a multitasking master who takes care of myself on the go.

The key to taking care of yourself on the go is to be prepared. Here’s a peek inside my on-the-go arsenal:

I keep a healthy snack in my bag at all times so I’m not tempted by fast food or cupcakes when I’m hungry!

Whether I’m checking email, contacts, the weather, StyleBakery.com, the news, listening to music, playing Scrabble, or reading books, the iPad is my constant companion at home and on the go.

I am addicted to Vitamin Water Zero – it not only tastes good, but also contains vitamins to help skin, hair & nails, without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

logo_aveeno.jpgSun exposure, free-radicals, environmental toxins and a busy lifestyle can rob your skin of essential nourishment, resulting in noticeably stressed skin that looks dry, tired and blotchy. The AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALSTM Collection, formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Southerwood, keeps environmental stress out and keeps essential nourishment and moisture in. The collection features a full regimen of daily skincare products that cleanse, nourish, protect and treat stressed skin, leaving it nourished and refreshed. For more information, visit Aveeno.com

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