Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse Shampoo and Daily Nourish Conditioner

ted gibson daily nourish.jpgted gibson daily cleanse.jpg

Ted Gibson Daily Cleanse Shampoo manages to dissolve and wash away dirt, build-up, excess oil and pollutants with a blend of five cleansers, while ingredients like silk proteins and biobotanical extracts work to make our hair healthy and full of shine. 

Following this with Ted’s Daily Nourish Conditioner, formulated with 9 different conditioning agents to strengthen and increase elasticity in our hair, we get an amazing amount of balanced moisture, leaving our tresses manageable and feeling soft. These also smell divine (just thinking about it puts us in a good mood), making our hair washing ritual that much more enjoyable. 

$24.95 each, tedgibsonbeauty.com

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