Textured nails made easy by Essie


I recently got rid of my longer nails and was so excited to be able to keeping up with all of the new nail trends, however I was quickly reminded of the fact that I am terrible at doing my own nails! So I was back at the salon getting regular manicures in fun colors, but I was a little disappointed because one of the trends I was dying to try out was the texturized nails. For as long as I can remember, women have been obsessed with matte nail polishes and making sure there were no bumps on their nails after drying, but that has recently all changed. A bunch of different designers in the nail world have decided to create 3-D nail polishes that can leave the nail feeling and looking like sand paper or adding things like jewels or glitter. 

When I decided to try this at home on myself, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. But then I discovered the Essie Nail Stickers ($10.25) and couldn’t have been any more excited. They are UV-cured so they won’t chip away easily and you can throw a top coat over them to make sure they have that extra bit of shine. Also, they are extremely easy to use. You simply peel, stick and file to shape it to your nail and to get rid of the excess sticker on the edges. My favorite thing about these is that the annoying nail polish, which always seems impossible to get rid of, around your nail is gone! Never fight with nail polish again while doing an at-home manicure!

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