The All-Time Best Makeup Primers

Primer? It’s so not an option in our lifestyle (to borrow a word from our fabulous friend Amber of Beauty Blogging Junkie). In fact, it’s become such a necessity that we felt it our duty to bring you the all-time best makeup primers … thereby pushing back our Recessionista Special for a week! Primer helps makeup to stay in place, keep from running and generally make you look even more fantastic than you already do. So read on and discover the primers we just can’t live without … and the ones you shouldn’t live without, either!

Fresh-Rose-Freshface-Glow.jpgFresh Rose Freshface Primer
Not only does this primer make moisturizer, lotion or foundation stay put all day, but it smells divine. It’s got the faintest scent of rose that will immediately perk up your senses and make you feel utterly romantic.
$36 at

Laura-Mercier-Hydrating-Foundation-Primer.jpgLaura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer
The best thing about this primer? The fact that it really and truly is hydrating. It keeps your skin so fresh and dewy, it renders moisturizer absolutely useless and unnecessary!
$30 at

Urban-Decay-Eyeshadow-Primer-Potion.jpgUrban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Ah, the ever important UDPP. This stuff isn’t a cult favorite for nothing … it makes eyeshadow stick like no other primer on the market. A simple swipe across your lids and voila! No creasing, no smudging, no running. You can even sleep with this stuff on and your shadow won’t budge. It’s a permanent fixture in our makeup bag, and we’ve turned on so many of our friends and coworkers to it, we think Urban Decay should start paying us commission!
$17 at

Lancome-Cils-Booster-XL-Super-Enhancing-Mascara-Base.jpgLancome Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base
Want your mascara to stay put all day — even through a grueling
workout? Then this is definitely the lash primer for you. We tested it
through a 9-hour workday followed by 45 minutes of intense work on the
elliptical trainer, and our mascara didn’t budge even a smidge!
$21.50 at

Guerlain-Meteorites-Perles-Light-Diffusing-Perfecting-Primer.jpgGuerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer
Well, this one is great just for the unbelievably chic packaging!
Myriad pink pearls lay suspended within a clear liquid that pumps out
white and creamy with just a hint of shimmer. Not to mention the
thoroughly intoxicating scent it leaves behind on the skin. No need for
$65 at

Smashbox-Photo-Finish-Foundation-Primer.jpgSmashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Now, this product deserves a bit of gushing. The thick gel-like
consistency dries to a completely matte finish upon the skin without
leaving behind even a fraction of residue. Truth be told, you don’t
even need to wear foundation over it — it just evens out the skin like
no other! And a little secret for you … we’ve been using it as a
moisturizer for our winter-ravaged hands. It leaves them feeling like

$36 at

And be sure to check back next week for our next edition of our Recessionista Special. Get caught up with The Best Lipglosses Under $10 and The Best Body Washes Under $10!

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