The best dry shampoo to get rid of that greasy look


I seem to go through the struggle every night about whether to wash my hair or not, and I always seem to end up doing it because my hair is pretty oily and halfway through the second day I always regret my choice to skip a shampoo. However, washing your hair every single day also washes out some of the essential oils that keep your hair healthy and shiny — not to mention, I dye my hair red and no color washes out faster. 

The simple answer to my dilemma is dry shampoo, but I’ve always hated its filmy residue and not so pleasant smell. That is, until I found Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($18). The first thing I noticed was that this product didn’t leave that powdered film over my hair. The texture was extremely light and gentle. Also, it got rid of the unpleasant “canned for too long” smell — it actually smelled refreshing. Finally, the best feature was that it allows me to style my hair as if I’d just washed and dried it. Although this product is a little bit more expensive than other brands, I would highly recommend trying it. 

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