Turn dirty hair into gorgeous hair with these must-have products

For years, hair stylists have been trying to convince women to skip their daily shampoo and go a few days without washing to keep hair healthier. The truth is, even the most gentle shampoo can strip hair of essential oils — not to mention the damage a daily blow-out can cause. But many of us cringe at the thought of “unclean” or greasy hair — especially in the summer. Enter the newest crop of dry shampoos and dry conditioners which are better than ever and perfect for absorbing excess oil, adding texture and reviving next-day (or next-few-days) hair, making skipping the shampoo easier than ever.

Make the pledge this summer to shampoo just 2 or 3 times a week with the help of these amazing dry shampoos and dry conditioners — your hair, and your morning routine, will thank you.

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