The best nail polish remover: Zoya Remove+

Zoya-Remove-Plus-Nail-Polish-Remover.jpgThere are a lot of nail polish removers on the market — and, truth be told, we’ve tried them all. But one is a cut above the rest, and its name is Zoya Remove+.

It would be fickle of us to say our favorite attribute of this remover is the fact that it’s purple. But, since it’s our favorite color, we’re sticking by it! Luckily, this remover delivers ten-fold.

For starters, the bottle design is ingenious. Not only is it huge (a whopping 8 ounces!), but it’s crafted with a unique twist-around flipper cap with push-down technology, ensuring no more polish remover comes out than you actually need. We feel like we’re in a nail salon every time we press a cotton ball to the top!

Add to the purple factor and the bottle design that this remover is amazing — three pumps on one cotton ball is enough for all 10 nails, and it’s not stripping or drying — and voila! Our favorite nail polish remover of all time has been born.

Zoya Remove+ retails for $9.99 at

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