The Best of 2008: Beauty Edition

Over the past year, we’ve discovered some truly fantastic beauty trends. From the hottest nail trends (it’s not red or pink!) to new ways to apply perfume, we’ve sure wanted
to snag a ton of items for our own personal vanities! Take a ride on
the beauty superhighway with us as we relive some of our faves from

RBL Dead Calm.jpgAll the Rage: Navy Nails
Pink? So over. Red? Been there, done that. The hottest color seen on everyone’s tips this year? Navy blue. And tons of brands got in on the act, creating some of the most gorgeous shades we’ve seen this side of the midnight sky! Think Lippmann Collection, NARS, Dior, Chanel, OPI … the list goes on and on. Our absolute fave, though? Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Dead Calm, most definitely. It just captured the trend perfectly, n’est ce pas?
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Organic Makeup Pic.jpgGoing Green: Natural and Organic Beauty Products
One of the biggest stories in the beauty world this year was that of organic products staking quite a major claim in the market. Tons of brands are going eco-friendly, creating products that are natural, organic and totally good for your skin. We gave you the 411 on anything and everything organic!
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Korres Quince Lip Butter.jpgLuscious Lips: The Best Balms, Sticks and Stains for Spring
Lipgloss or lipstick? Tube or pot? Balm or crayon? There are seriously
so many choices in the world of lips, it’s hard to find the right ones. But you know what? We narrowed it down quite a bit with this feature! There’s no longer any need for you to cart around 45 identical lipglosses — just pick one of our options! Though if you’re like us, chances are you’ll have all of them rattling around in your handbag before long!
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SJP Covet Compact.jpgOn Solid Ground: Solid Perfumes
Don’t want to carry around a huge perfume bottle or even a tiny roll-on? Well then, you’re in luck — because one of the hottest things to hit fragrance this year was the solid perfume! Available in all shapes and sizes, from charm bracelets to gorgeous compacts, this is definitely one for the ages. We totally jonesed for Covet Sarah Jessica Parker Solid Perfume (seen at left), Stila Jade Blossom Perfume Solid, the Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Compact and so many more!
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Gossip Girl Trio.jpgGet the Look: The Girls of Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf. Serena van der Woodsen. Jenny Humphrey. These names have
become synonymous with the styles that are hot now, along with the gals
that play them — Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen,
respectively. But forget Milly, Tibi and Valentino — these girls sported some pretty fabulous hair and makeup looks this season!
Read on to find out how you can look like your favorite
love-to-hate-them Gossip Girls from the Upper East Side.
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Beauty Image.jpgThis Just In: Beauty Tips and Tricks
“Don’t sleep with your makeup on.” “Don’t go tanning.” “Stop popping
those zits!” Do these sound familiar? They’re some of the old adages
that our moms, sisters, health teachers, doctors and tons of others
have tried to impart within us over the years. But do you listen to
them — and, what’s more, do you believe them? We gave you the skinny on how to take care of your skin, hair and body and feel good about it.
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Smith's Rosebud Salve Photo.jpgCult Beauty Products: Worth the Hype?
Creme de la Mer. NARS Orgasm Blush. Smith’s Rosebud Salve. You know what all three of these products have in common? They’re all termed cult beauty products. You know … the ones that every woman in the know swears by. But are they worth all that and the kitchen sink? We rolled up our sleeves and tested these and a whole lot more to let you know whether or not to spend your hard-earned cash!
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Zoya Tobi Polish.jpgFab Finds Under $10
While we’ve been known to spend upwards of $30 on a mascara or (gasp!) $160 on an eye cream, let’s face it — sometimes we just want to skimp in the beauty department. And the current recession sure isn’t helping matters! So we decided to find drool-worthy products at a fraction of the price. And in fact, all the products featured in this story cost less than $10. We
scoured tons of brands to bring you the ones that totally give you bang
for your buck (or ten) — like this gorgeous nail polish by Zoya, which rings up at a cool $6!
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Diorshow Iconic Mascara.jpgLashing Out: Finding the Perfect Mascara
With all the different mascaras out there, how can you really tell if you’ve found a winner? They all claim to separate, lengthen, thicken and otherwise make your lashes look stunning. Well, we brought you six of the very best — all tried, tested and true. Say goodbye to blah lashes and hello to utterly gorgeous, plumped-up fabulous peepers!
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Twilight Cast Photo.jpgDazzle ‘Em with Twilight-Inspired Beauty
We admit it — we are completely, hopelessly, head-over-heels addicted to the amazingness that is Twilight. We saw the movie a bunch of times, read the books three times each, and of course are in love with the beautiful Robert Pattinson. So it only stands to reason that we would go gaga over the beauty products that seem to have taken a cue right from the book’s pages. From highlighter to lipgloss, eyeliner to perfume, we found the
products that will certainly make you dazzle in the meadow like our
beloved Edward.
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