The best organic sunscreens, 2012 edition

Here are five of the best organic sunscreens on the market today.
Alba Botanica Natural Protection Sunscreen
Alba Botanica’s Hawaiian Facial Scrub is so amazing that I know their sunscreen has to be spot on. They have a Natural Hawaiian Sunscreen as well as some Very Emollient formulas that come in spray and lotion form.
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Coola Organic Suncare Collection
Coola Organic Suncare Collection comes in a myriad of SPFs and formulas. All of them are packed with emollients that are great for the skin and body. They also have spray and lotion versions of their sunscreens and they have yummy scented and completely unscented varieties. 
Find out more about Coola Organic Suncare Collection at
Suntegrity Natural Sunscreens
The Environment Working Group gave this brand high marks for it’s low toxicity and highly effective formulas. While they aren’t cheap, they will do the job and won’t clog your skin up with chemicals.
Find out more about Suntegrity Natural Sunscreens at
Kiss My Face Natural Sunscreens
Kiss My Face has become easy to find in most grocery stores and touts all natural ingredients in their sunscreens and skincare line. They also have a bunch of formulas and SPFs to choose from, and I’m a fan of their face stick for my nose and cheeks.
Find out more about Kiss My Face Natural Sunscreens at
Blue Lizard Sunscreen
Blue Lizard Sunscreen is not labeled as organic. But they do have in a paraben-free, chemical-free formula that is always top ranked for being easy to find and highly effective by the Environmental Working Group.
Find out more about Blue Lizard Sunscreen at

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