The best product for your lips this fall is the Lip Slip Balm


There is nothing worse than when you finally find the perfect lip balm, gloss or primer and then two days later it seems to be nowhere to be found, even though you put it directly in your makeup bag. I go through this debacle every few weeks or so and, finally, found a solution. One product that combines all of the above (balm, lip gloss and primer) and it comes in a jar, which makes it pretty hard to misplace. 

The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm ($24) is a product by Sara Happ and it can be used as a moisturizer for dry lips or as a primer before applying lipstick. The smooth gloss texture allows for an even and flawless application, or thanks to the glossy finish, a nude color lip gloss. My biggest concern was the fact that I was going to have to use my finger to apply, but I either keep it on my vanity or in my car where there is always a lip brush or tissue handy. The product will not only give your lips a little pop of color, but it works just as well as any balm I’ve tried!

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