The best way to rid your face of impurities: cleansing oils


We are programmed to automatically think oils are bad, but what if they aren’t? When I first heard about cleansing oils I thought, “Why would I ever want to use that? It’s definitely going to make my oily skin break out.” Then I did a little research and discovered that cleansing oils are actually a good thing. Cleansing oils work by attracting the other oils already on your skin. When you rinse your face after application, all the excess is washed away. Also, unlike traditional bar soap or cleansers, neutral cleansing oils will have minimal effect on your skin’s pH levels, which means they will remove the impurities without taking away your skin’s natural moisture.

The minute I found all of this out, I went on a search for the best cleansing oil and came across Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil ($26). The deep cleansing blend of botanical oils will not only get rid of your impurities, but it will always dissolve and break down makeup. Also, the cool scent will immediately refresh your skin.

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