The buzz on Jennifer Aniston's new 'do continues.


Since yesterday, the buzz on every news outlet wasn’t a riot in the middle east, or an earthquake in the Pacific – it was mostly about Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut. All day yesterday, we heard the snickers and the sneers of the nay sayers “Why is Jennifer Aniston’s haircut news?” they’d say. Well, because it just is, that’s why. 
We wanted to give our opinion, and hear what you had to say, as well as pit her old style against her new style. In our opinion, though the cut is chic, polished with a little bit of edge and easily wearable by everyday gals, something about it hardens Jen’s face, and almost ages her. We loved her longer locks (especially when wavy), and the more muted blonde with lowlights. Her bright, yellow-blonde hue is surely an attention grabber – heck, we can’t keep our eyes off of it – but it almost washes her out in our opinion. Maybe it’s the flash, maybe she was having a bad picture day, so we’re not going to bring down a big stamp of disapproval until we see the cut settle in. 
Now, don’t get us wrong, like we said, we don’t have anything against the actual cut. But for America’s sweetheart, a sweeter haircut just suits her better in our opinion. 
Now we want to know what you think. As we asked in a previous post, love it, leave it, or just stop talking about it?

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