The easiest, coolest nail art ever: Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish

Nails-Inc-Trafalgar-Square-Magnetic-Polish.jpgWe’re fairly obsessed with nails. Color, art, intricate designs … the cooler and more out there, the better. But, unfortunately, we can’t ever do the fun stuff ourselves. Well, until Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish came along, that is.

This nail polish is seriously the coolest polish we’ve ever come across. You paint it on exactly like normal polish–and then the real fun begins. On top of the cap is a magnet. Flip the cap over, loop the hook over your cuticle and hold the magnet over your nail for about three seconds. (Be careful not to touch your nail.)

Once the magnet is pulled away from the polish, voila! A fun, swirly design that took exactly three seconds and no effort to create, and it’s completely compliment-worthy. Plus, the polish lasts for up to a week with minimal to no chipping!

(We’re wearing Trafalgar Square above, and this chrome hue is so stunning we couldn’t help but stare at our nails for hours on end!)

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish retails for $16 at

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