The fragrance that everyone will LOVE: Stella McCartney Stella

Stella-McCartney-Stella.jpgIf you’re looking for the fragrance that will make every single person in the vicinity stop and tell you how amazing you smell, it’s Stella McCartney Stella. We swear, every time we wear it, everyone — guys, girls, strangers, friends — makes it a point to tell us how good we smell.

The floral and oriental notes — rose, peony flower, mandarin, rose absolute and amber — creates such a sensual yet feminine aroma. It’s the perfect mix of sex appeal with sophistication.

And the bottle? We’re so enamored! The cut glass purple flacon is topped by a signature faceted black stopper — so utterly beautiful atop the vanity.

Stella McCartney Stella retails for $20-$92, depending on size, at

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