The hair serum that will do its job without the grease


There are a number of different companies who have tried to create hair serums to help control frizzy hair, but unfortunately most of these products fail to do the job. A majority are made with silicone and, up until recently, everyone thought it deserved all the praise in the world for taming those wild pieces. However, most women found that silicone caused their hair to look dirty and oily rather than sleek and shiny. Since then, many brands have released silicone-free serums, but none that cut down styling time or provide superior smoothness and natural flowing movement quite like Living Proof Satin Hair Serum ($29). This oil- and silicone-free formula features Sera-Smooth complex to eliminate all that frizz and help you achieve your desired look. It is easy to use, lightweight and long lasting. The best part is, it won’t create product build-up while it works its magic.

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