The hand off: Love Life Skin Moisture Reservoir Hand Cream

Love-Life-Skin-Hand-Cream.jpgAwhile back, we told you about the amazingness that is the Love Life Skin Aromatherapy Candle. Well, the brand is back with another amazing product! This time, we’re obsessed with the Moisture Reservoir Hand Cream.

We’ve cultivated quite the collection of hand creams over the years, so we pride ourselves on knowing what makes for a good one. And this one really is fantastic. The formula is on the thicker side, and it leaves a beautiful, satiny finish upon the skin. (And, of course, it sinks right in without looking or feeling greasy.)

A host of fabulous ingredients work together to create a conditioned, moisturized feel. The hand cream is created with japonica, mulberry, coffee berry and resveratrol, so your skin is soft, smooth and protected hour after hour.

Love Life Skin Moisture Reservoir Hand Cream retails for $65 at

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