The hottest hairstyles for fall are bangin'


Bangs are the hottest hair accessory around, the question is always how low (or high) will you go! This past week, Mena Suvari, Nicole Richie and Eve popped up at red carpet events rocking various lengths of bangs. I prefer Eve’s long swept to the side bangs, but no matter your preference, there are many ways you can go about achieving this popular style. 
There are several things to consider before running to your stylist and asking for bangs:
  • They take a while to grow back so choose carefully.
  • They require a bit of styling … I’m willing to bet Mena, Nicole and Eve’s stylists spent quite a bit of time with a brush and dryer to get them just right!
  • Bangs that hit at eye level can be a nuisance as they can fall in eyes easily.
My sage advice is simple, dare to change things up and just remember, it’s hair and it will always grow back.

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