The most luxurious laundry soap: Tocca Stella Laundry Delicate

Tocca-Stella-Laundry-Delicate.jpgThe mere thought of doing our laundry makes us shudder. But when we can replace boring old ALL or Tide with something as luxurious as Tocca Stella Laundry Delicate, all of a sudden, laundry day is something we just can’t wait for.

Stella’s signature scent–the deliciously heady aroma of sweet Italian blood orange–perfumes your clothing just enough to make them smell amazing. The gentle detergent is safe for even the finest, most delicate garments, and you can use it either when hand washing or in the washing machine.

What can we say … sometimes there’s just something so fantastic about adding a little luxury to the laundry.

Tocca Stella Laundry Delicate retails for $15 at

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