Inspired by Cher's wardrobe: The NCLA Clueless nail wraps

There are very few things I love more than a good throwback, like an all-time classic movie like 90s teen hit Clueless — especially when it inspires something else I love: nail art. NCLA Clueless Nail Wraps are very similar to any other nail stickers on the market, except these are designed after Cher’s outfits from the movie: animal prints, road signs, even some of the best quotes from the film. There are four different sets from the collection, including “Cher’s Closet”, “Everywhere You Go Has Valet”, “I Totally Paused!”, and finally my favorite, “Virgin Who Can’t Drive”. If you’re a fan of the movie and not the best at doing your own nails, be sure to check them out — and even if you get them as a silly gift for a girlfriend, they’re all around awesome!

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