The new NARS loves Los Angeles collection: Everything you need from lids to nails

Cosmetic companies have released their new fall collections, and I couldn’t be more excited to play with the season’s palette of bronzes, purples and even bright blues. At the top of my list, the new NARS loves Los Angeles collection ($75). The set encompasses all things that are Hollywood glamour to get you red carpet-ready for a night out. The eyeshadow colors named Abyssinia, Etrusque, Outremer and Bali are different shades of browns (shimmer and matte), a blush pink and of course, cobalt blue. Also, there is a rosy blush and deep bronzer to give you that extra color you’re going to lose once your summer glow fades. The final additions to the set are a light pink lip gloss and a matching nail polish. This set is the perfect way to ease yourself into the fall season, be sure to order yours before they are all gone!

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