The perfect base coat: CND Stickey

CND-Stickey-Base-Coat.jpgWant to know a secret? The best base coat around is CND Stickey. No matter how many we try, no matter where we stray, we keep coming back to the amazingness of this one particular base coat.

There are two major factors we look for in a base coat:

1) It anchors the polish to the nail with as little chipping as possible
2) It prevents staining of the nail, no matter how dark the polish may be

Stickey DELIVERS. Polish lasts for days without peeling or chipping — we’ve been known to wear the same polish for close to two weeks with only the smallest amount of tip wear! And when we finally do remove the polish, our nails are just as pristine and clear as ever underneath.

In short? Stickey is the way to go.

CND Stickey retails for $8.50 at

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