The perfect handoff: Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Jurlique-Moisturizing-Hand-Sanitizer.jpgHands down. Hand over fist. Putty in our hands. No matter what “hand” phrase we come up with, it just never seems to be enough … because Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is worth all of those and much more.

Many hand sanitizers are too medicinal-smelling and don’t actually make our hands feel clean. But this one is the complete opposite! It smells fresh and clean with a touch of floral essence that makes us feel like we’ve just stepped into a spa.

And the moisturizing aspect? You wouldn’t even believe how soft and smooth our hands are after just one pump. Seriously, one pump is enough to moisturize, clean and sanitize hands in an absolute instant!

So, the bottom line? Jurlique’s hand sanitizer most certainly knows what it’s doing.

Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer retails for $6.50 at

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