The perfect pink nail polish: Chanel Tentation

Chanel-Tentation-Nail-Polish.jpgYou know those times when you pick up a bottle of nail polish and you have really high hopes … and then they’re realized once you see the color on your nail? That’s exactly what will happen when you try Chanel Tentation.

Tentation is just the most gorgeous shade of rich, deep fuchsia. But what really sets it apart is the gorgeous whitish silver shimmer. It’s one of those colors that you just can’t stop staring at once you paint your nails! We picked it for a pedicure for an upcoming trip to Los Angeles–and we especially love it for a pedicure, but it’s equally as beautiful as a manicure.

And, really, what’s better than a bottle of Chanel nail polish? (Answer: nothing.)

Chanel Tentation retails for $27 at

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