The perfect summer pink nail polish: RGB Pink

RGB-Pink-Nail-Polish.jpgYou know how you can spend years searching for that one perfect pink nail polish? The one that looks just as amazing on your fingers as your toes, the one that looks good on every skin tone, the one that just makes people sit up and take notice of your nails? Well, I’m letting you in on a little secret–I’ve found it for you. It’s RGB Pink.

I’ve tried it on my fingers. I’ve tried it on my toes. I’ve tried it when I’m super pale. I’ve tried it when I’m super tan (well, super tan for me, which is still fairly pale). In any case, this is THE. BEST. PINK. NAIL. POLISH. AROUND.

Two coats yield the creamiest, prettiest, most opaque hot pink color. Plus, the formula is fantastic and lasts for at least a week with no chipping–more like three or four weeks on toes! Really, how could you not fall in love?

RGB Pink retails for $16 at

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