The prettiest pink blush: Benefit Posietint

Benefit-Posietint.jpgWhen someone tells us there’s a blush/eyeshadow/lipgloss/etc that works for everyone, we tend to roll our eyes. Everyone? Every skin tone? Really? But then we discovered Benefit Posietint.

This blush actually, really, honestly DOES work for every skin tone. It’s the prettiest shade of pink that adds a hint of color to your cheeks and lips (and even your eyes, if you’re so brave). We love the consistency, too–rather than being a weird powder that clings unflatteringly to the skin, this is an easy-to-use-and-blend liquid.

And, in case you’re worried about going overboard, a little goes a long way. Three tiny flicks of the brush upon the cheekbones and a quick bit of blending and you’re good to go! Your cheeks are guaranteed to look like you’ve just come in from the cold and have a gorgeous, rosy glow. What could be better?

Benefit Posietint retails for $29 at

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