The self tanner that will leave you with a healthy glow


No one likes to be pale during any season let alone the summertime when everyone seems to be a perfect bronze color, but I am always so nervous when using a “a tan in a can” because, from experience, you either come out striped or orange — neither of which are attractive. Fortunately, I discovered Bliss- A Tan for All Seasons ($36), a colorless self tanner. Yeah, you read that correctly: this bronzing spray has no color, which means no streaks, no orange tone to your skin, and most importantly, no orange stained hands! On top of the color being a negative with typical self-tanners, the smell is usually unbearable, but Bliss took care of that too. The product has a citrus smell that is just light enough that will make your skin feel awake and refreshed. Also, the antioxidant formula helps product your skin from environmental damages, like pollution and dirt. Most importantly, your tan comes on gradually. Unlike other self-tanners that give you color right away, this one will bring it on gradually so it appears more natural.

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