The three cutest nail files we've ever seen!

Cute-Nail-Files.jpgIf we had a choice, we would honestly never file our nails. The sound and feel of it is akin to nails on a chalkboard … and, honestly, the two aren’t so far removed from one another. But if we have to keep our nails looking groomed and gorgeous, the least we could ask for is an adorable nail file! We’ve rounded up the three cutest nail files we’ve ever seen for your viewing (and purchasing!) pleasure. Now there’s no excuse not to sport a perfect 10!

And remember that you should always file nails in one direction, rather than going back and forth–this will keep nails from splitting and becoming unhealthy.

Charlotte Russe Glittery Nail Shields & File
Not only does this file sparkle and glimmer like none we’ve ever seen, but it comes with matching nail stickers so your tips will be super glam!
$7.50 at

Forever 21 Ditsy Cupcake Nail File Trio
Solid, glittered and cupcake-printed … and all for under two dollars? Sold.
$1.80 at

Flowery Wild Styles File Catty
An animal print file that comes with a coordinating case–so undeniably chic.
$4.99 at

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